Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Frozen again!

Frozen again! Travel to a warm tropical vacation spot sounds pretty good right now as winter continues here in Texas. Surely storage auctions here will return to normal business once we can all feel our toes again. E must be aging quickly out in the country these days as our business life sounds like crickets and our social life reflects that of a retirement center. We will continue to look at upcoming opportunities and making business connections since there is not much else to do regarding storage auctions lately. Making 
effective business plans with storage auctions are like other business investments, what you know, who you know, how much capital you have and a little bit of luck...Not necessarily in that order. So follow our lead and get connected. will be a  resource and there is no substitute for learning the storage auction business or any other business at someone else's expense. Save time, energy and money by doing your research and finding your niche opportunity. Back for more D/FW auction adventures soon.