Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Challenges abound

Really?  Loaded with cash  and ready to invest E and myself battled heavy traffic to be ready for a 7 location 70 unit auction day.  Challenges started early as the first auction was cancelled.  We traveled to the second location only to find about 150 people waiting.  I guess we were not the only investors in need of action after the deep freeze north Texas experienced.  We stuck it out until the sun set on this day without much temptation to join the madness.  Storage units of junk were being sold for 400-800 dollars and winning bids seem to be based on pride rather than business.  About the only thing I would have paid top dollar for today was some duct tape to end the endless and meaningless chatter that served as proof that inbreeding does still exist today.  Well that is our adventure for today, sometimes the hardest business done is business that can wait for another day and a better opportunity.  Please join us as we strive onward to find storage cash soon. -M